Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Tree Pickin in Texas

On Sunday we drove to Devine, Texas.  It was the closest farm where you could cut down your own tree rather than buying it in front of the local grocery store.  It was about 40 miles away...which is an average drive for us in order to get anywhere else really.  Driving is big in Texas.  I guess it's because everyone owns so much land it takes a while to just get off your own property.  And most everything is a highway or a country road (i.e. dirt road).  So those big trucks that people in Humboldt avoid buying...well...it's about all you see here.  And I haven't met anyone yet who doesn't own a gooseneck trailer.  Back to the Christmas Tree farm.

The farm was a lot of fun.  It was set up for kids and throughout the property were things like huge playgrounds, petting zoos, duck races, fishing ponds, hay bale rides, train barrel rides, a hay stack maze, tire swings, gold/gem mining, and miniature golf.  We walked throughout the entire farm looking for the perfect tree.  This Leyland Cypress was the best we could find.  

But we ended up going with this one.

Riley at the duck races.

Riley in the hay maze.

Papa and Riley found the end of the maze.

We've put it up in our house, decorated with the garland we bought there, put lights up last night and will pump the Christmas music tunes tonight while we break out our box of ornaments.  It doesn't much feel like Christmas here.  Maybe that's because it's still 75 degrees outside.  It's like Christmas in Niger all over again.  

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the mom~ said...

Yeah, after living in MN for 6 years Decembers Christmas will never be the same without snow and cold temps. I just imagine Christmas with it being 75 degrees. I LOVE your tree you picked out, GORGEOUS!