Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Rickstrew Ranch..."

It has a nice ring to it.... When we chose the name of this blog, I had this farm in mind...this grassy place in Texas. Thought one day we'd make it our home, at least for a time, and here we are...our blog is living up to its name!

We have been very busy. Our little home needed some serious repair...cosmetic mostly, but all of it is easier to do when it is empty rather than full of furniture. We painted our bedroom...i LOVE the color...Atmospheric from Pottery Barn (for those of you who are familiar). SO...airy, open, blue, and cozy. We moved our bed in last night and a few pieces of furniture. We are quickly realizing how small 800 sq. feet is. I should say...small for our things that had 1600 sq. feet to live in as well as a 2 car garage. But what we have lost in interiors, we have gained outside. Our backyard reaches up and over a rolling hill and down the other side. We have a pond, lots of oak trees, a large hay barn, lots of tractors and equipment to play with, a semi for delivering hay, three trucks to take us all over San Antonio, four dogs, one cat, two wells, and a lovely front porch to watch the day away. I've become the resident cook...with Linda working full time and Big Tom not adept at such things...I've been happy to meet the need for home cooked meals.

We've been busy with usual daily stuff that comes up on the farm (A day in the life-type posting is soon to come) and trying to get our home ready to move into. We got cell phones though!!! Very happy indeed. I even got the new 3G I have somewhat high speed internet through that at home. Loving that.... I had an old, run of the mill, Nokia for 4 years..never broke it, never needed a new one. So, it's somewhat of a treat to have this high tech phone in my hands. I could rant about all of it's cool features, but I don't want to make you feel bad =)

OK, I am going to try to post a few pictures of our drive out here and our stops along the way.

Big Tom got to stop in Bakersfield before coming to Humboldt to see his daughter and grandkids.
Riley did a lot of this in the car. And I did a lot of the below.
The windmills between Bakersfield and Lancaster...where my brother and sister-in-law live.
Riley got to spend the evening in Lancaster with his three cousins...Emma, Ruby,
and Payten Deehan. From here Riley and I flew on to Colorado to see my mom and Gene and the men drove on. They made excellent time, two days from Ontario, CA.
The trailer arrived safe and sound.
Our barn. We live in the right side...the rest is for tools, equipment, a shop, etc. Today, this space under the awning is full of our boxes and unpacked stuff.
The other half of the barn. And the monster truck that accomplished this feat with ease.
A view of Big Tom and Linda's house...right across the driveway. We are staying here for now.

The inside of the barn that leads to our back door.


the mom~ said...

Looks like you're going to be living your dream Tracy, how wonderful.
Check Ree's blog for life on a ranch as well...
Oh and I have a quote for you as soon as I can locate it about a farmers wife.

April said...

Good to see you are in Texas safe and sound! The ranch looks so picturesque and beautiful, lucky you! Can't wait to hear the day to day details from farm life. Love and miss you guys!

Kim said...

So, are the antlers on the wall staying or going?...
Glad to see you made it safe and sound.

JennE said...

tracy, I have to see the room, show me that paint girl! I want to come and take a nap in your what sounds to be a very relaxing room!