Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Trailer from Texas

Big Tom is here...and he brought a Texan size truck and 20' flatbed-gooseneck trailer with him. The weekend was spent constructing our own U-Haul on top of it. Quite a feat. Today (Tuesday) we are busy loading the trailer...and our computer is going into boxes...so I'll be back on the blog when I get to the nearest computer and have a sec. Here we go...Texas bound.

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Baby Shower

April and Bethany, the kind souls they are, threw an early baby shower for me. It was a salad potluck with excellent food from the girls. We had a quaint afternoon in a lovely and comfortable home. Here are some pictures from the event.

Jasmin and Jennifer (friends from swimming class with our firstborns)

Annie and her girls and I...another swimming buddy from three years ago

A beautiful handmade quilt from Elizabeth....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Handmade goodies from the ever so talented Sara...horsey stuff for the Texan babe

A yummy and adorable baby gown replica from yesteryear...so precious from April. (click on the pic and look up close at the sweetest embroidered "R" on the lapel. this is a hope chest item for sure!)

Sherry reading to Riley

Bosom Buds

Monday, October 13, 2008

Garage Sale Success!

Had a large multi-family garage sale last weekend at a friend's house. We took two truck loads over Friday night to set up in their garage. Before we left, our friend Jason (the host of the event), challenged us to go home, time ourselves and each put 20 more items in the back of the truck and come back at 6:30am with another FULL truck load.

We did it! Just when you think you've put everything you want to get rid of in a garage sale pile, there's always more you don't need and should add to the pile. Above, Tom is putting Riley, asleep, in the truck at 6:30am.

We sold our stereo for $3. To advertise, Jason had to pump the tunes...at 7am...mind you.

The Garage Sale Guru

My mom sent me a box of things to add to our garage sale. The items in the box happened to be my old ski gear...SCREAMING 80's. Hot pink ski goggles, leather fanny packs, turquoise gloves, white acrylic knit head bands...oh yeah. Bringing anyone back?

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Tom had to "advertise" the ski gear too...funny thing is, Tom and Jason loved the practicality of the fanny pack...an easy and secure way to hold your money on you. Above, Tom, April, and Bethany exchanging money.

Kiddos at the sale.
Almost done....we went from a full drive way and almost no walking area in the grass to this. We had non-stop traffic. We advertised for the garage sale starting at 7:30am and as usual....people were there at 7am, ready to give us quarters for our unwanted goods. Overall, it was a success. We cleaned up at 2pm and only had a few bags of children's clothes and FREE stuff that went straight to a thrift store.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why I Have Not Been Blogging (as much)....

The guess is yours.

I have either been....

A) Been sitting around drinking too much beer


B) Been sitting around growing a baby

And since I don't like (or drink) beer, well...it's option B.

So, that's right...sorry for not being online as much as I would've liked...but sitting in front of the computer was a nauseating thought for several months. And trust me, I didn't need any nauseating contributors in my life. So, there's a munchkin in there, about the size of a nutter butter; which doesn't exactly explain this already-big-belly.

A little over 3 months old...and will be ready to grace this Earth mid-April.

"Behold, children are a gift from the Lord;
the fruit of the womb is a reward." Ps. 127:3

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Garage/ Moving Sale

We are having a huge multi-family garage sale this Saturday October 11th, starting at 7am. Come early for the best pick. Some furniture, baby boys clothing, throw pillows, pottery barn decorations, baby gear, pint glasses, nice kitchen accessories, bread maker, etc. Good stuff-- No Junk.

2287 Ariel Way in Windsong Village, Arcata. (Many of you know this address and the people who live here).

7 AM.