Friday, September 19, 2008

Birthday Digs

Riley got an awesome hand made pair of trousers from our oh-so-crafty friend April. She couldn't have picked out a better "cowboy" look! Riley loves wearing them. He calls them his "Horse pants". Riley: "Ma, let's wear my horse pants today. Okay? Okay?"
Ma: "sure"

April, you're awesome. Perfect fit....and even a little room to grow!

From Nana and Grandpa Gene in Colorado Riley got the coolest demolition driver known to man. It's half Riley's size and all steel construction. Watch out. This one gets parked when little ones come over. Otherwise Riley has no qualms driving over inconspicuous mini people. Actually it's going to be an "outside" toy. But it has been so much fun that we are getting all of the "inside fun" out of it.


Sara said...

That April knows how to make one fine pair of pants! Lucky Riley.

April said...

Oh my sweet goodness - the horse pants look adorable on him! Thanks for posting the pics Tracy. I'm so glad he loves them, (and mom too!) Thanks for the compliment Sara. :)

JennE said...

Those pants would be a hit at the Kern County Fair the theme this year was "THE BEST in THE WEST! so needless to say those pants would be perfect for this event, April should enter and win the homemade clothes contest! T-- they also had some fine looking cowboy quilts there!

BrendaLou said...

Those pants are soooo fun! They look like they're well made too. Goes to show that boys can have great-looking clothes too!

Mandy said...

you have such a sweet family! isn't this blogging thing addicting?!!! love the pants...i want some!