Monday, July 7, 2008

The Cake

Learned how to frost a cake today. I mean, really frost a cake. I usually just slap a whole bunch of frosting on and use the back of the spoon to whip things's like hair these days...sloppy but with style. But my friend, Rebekah had this day
set aside
to go improve her skills (umm...not that they needed ANY improving), or rather, learn new tricks to add to her already full bag of talents...and I slid myself in there because I'm always ready to learn something new. And this is my result. Velvet spice layer cake filled with raspberry jamish-filling, and frosted with a gallon of butter, sugar, and shortening. Not really. But kinda. Everything was done by hand. And what I learned more than what separates me from the pack is the right tools. So, now it's time I go shopping.

Tom is out of town so he didn't even get to see it in person, or even better, taste it. And boy does Riley want to dig right into it. But our neighbors will be the lucky recipients. Hope they enjoy it. Though they'll never know the hours that went into it.


TnT said...

Great Job Sweets! Looks pretty tasty to me! My birthday is March 7th. I love you


the mom~ said...

Woman, you are amazing! What a beautiful cake! Thanks for sharing.

Linda Rickstrew said...

My birthday is a month after Tommy's! The finished quilt is fantastic. Riley will treasure it.