Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blueberries for...

all the Rickstrew's! "Plink, Plop, Plink, Plop"....or so goes the story Blueberries for Sal. Riley was just like that little one in that sweet book, minus the bear sighting...well...and he didn't get lost. BUT-- more blueberries went into his belly than in the bucket. We treated ourselves to some family fun after our 12.3 mile run today and went to our local organic blueberry patch. Pick all you all you want...whatever you want to take home is $4.50 per lb. Rows and rows of blueberries.

We saw Riley's "wombmates" there...Miles and Rogue. Their mamas and I were all pregnant together and swam every day at the Arcata Community Pool. Each baby was born within three weeks of each other.This was close to a dream for Riley....rows upon rows of ready and ripe blueberries. We have three bushes at home, which we pick every morning for our breakfast oatmeal...but there are always many we must leave behind to ripen for the next day. At this sunny patch...we didn't have to leave anything behind...they were all juicy, plump, dark blue...and ready for the pickin'!

All in was a wonderful day.
We left the patch with 4 lbs. of blueberries!


JennE said...

I think you should make some christimas gifts with all those great blueberries!

I want to visit there with my kids next time I am there--yes I know my visit is long over due!

LaShay said...

I ditto Jee. It would be a crime not to share, after all there are rows and rows of those fine phillies