Saturday, July 5, 2008

10.2 miles

Eureka seems kinda big until you start running ( or biking) all around it. On a 10.2 mile run around town this morning, we saw the Redwood Fairgrounds, all of Myrtle Ave., Target, Adorni Center, Old Town, Costco, Bayshore Mall, Win Co, and Henderson Center. It is so nice to run with friends...Jason and Bethany (pushing Isaac), Tami, and Tom (pushing Riley) and I. Fun times. We're all gearing up for the Half Marathon in San Francisco on August 2nd.
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tcamper said...

I got registered. I put no for bus and 1 hr 45min for time. Sound OK?

TnT said...

sounds great tami. even though i will be running in your dust- i am glad your smiling face will greet me at the finish line!!!

the mom~ said...

Wow, impressed! WTG Tracy!