Saturday, June 28, 2008

London is Puzzled

It is finished!!!! We brought home a puzzle of the London skyline from our brief visit to England in May. After dinner, last Saturday, which was also Chris' birthday, we were deciding which game to play and instead of the usual Settlers or Carcassonne, we broke out of the norm and started a puzzle. With seven of us working diligently, we did all of the easy pieces first. Throughout the week, with the help of Chris as well as his father, Rob, we got within 100 pieces remaining. Until last night...Allison and Donnie were over, along with Chris and Rob, and we excitedly put in the last piece. Actually, Riley put in the last piece. After watching us all week dedicate all free time to perring over this random mess of pieces, he learned how to do it himself. He would come up to Chris with a piece and say, "Here you go. Try this one." In the final moments of the finishing frenzy, I asked Riley to stand aside. Soon he was standing on the chair, looking over our heads. Then he climbed onto my back for a better look. Finally, he worked his way right onto the table and slithered in like a snake...with the final piece.... And he placed it in nicely. And finally, London was puzzled.

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