Saturday, June 28, 2008

Homeschool Farmer's Market

What does Humboldt mean to me? These pictures get close to summing it up. Homebaked bread and cookies, handmade crafts and utilitarian goods, fresh herbs here and there, garden-fresh lettuce and salad fixings, handpicked flowers, sweet and kind children, loving mothers and fathers, stopping our own little commerce to pray to our Heavenly Father for a sick child, goats and roosters in the yard, sunny summer days, and cool kombucha tea.

We all brought goods from home to sell...I made granola. It was a big hit. And the picture with everything on the butcher block is my loot! All this, homemade and homegrown for $25! The fresh flowers alone are worth this meager amount.

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BrendaLou said...

how come I didn't know about this? I'd love to support the Homeschoolers.