Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Golden Gate

How come no matter how many times you cross the Golden Gate Bridge, it is magical every time? For the first time, instead of driving across, I ran across with Marybeth, while the men pushed kiddos in strollers (3.4 miles). It was an amazing day- the kind of day which makes the Bay Area seem like you'd want to live there all the time. Minus the traffic, that is...well...and take away the millions of people. Tom got camera-happy and zoomed in on some surfers. Wished we had our boards with us...that would have been the perfect addition to our already wonderful time with the Taylors in SF. In the gift shop at the bridge you can buy an actual piece of the cable for $175. A little out of our budget...but would be fun to own.

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Unknown said...

Wow, beautiful left!! what beach is this-I've been so landlocked in the Sac Valley, I really need a good surf!!