Saturday, June 14, 2008

Big Day for Riley

Riley "graduated" today. Which is quite humorous really, since he isn't even 3 years old yet. However, I've been teaching him and he's been I think we can get away with calling that process "school" if we want to. As part of Christian Home Educators in Humboldt CO, we had the big end-of-the-year picnic today; which basically celebrates graduation from one grade to the next. But since Riley is still in the 2 year range, he'll be "graduating" from preschool for the next few years. I made him a home-made certificate hallmarking his best accomplishment this year: learning his ABC's and 123's. He is excellent at the alphabet, can spell his name, and can count to 20 without help. He also knows a variety of colors, shapes, animals, directions, adjectives, and absolutely everything about trains (including semaphores)...but I figure that is all part of being a 2 year old and learning about the world around him. Oh yes- and another thing to celebrate in his young life is he has three Bible verses memorized. Not bad for someone who still says, "I carry you" when he wants to be held. We had a great day in the sun, playing on the playground and welcoming summer into our lives.

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the mom~ said...

How awesome! Abram says that too when he want sme to hold him, lol.