Sunday, April 13, 2008


...and it feels so good! Here I am in San Francisco with my good friend Debbie. We met in high school and did some traveling together over the years. She was in my wedding. There was a time when we were as close as sisters. We lost touch for several years and I made several vain attempts googling her name but never got anywhere. Thankfully, through her mother, I was able to track her down. We caught up over lunch together at a Thai restaurant in SF and then walked through Buena Vista Park which overlooks the entire city. A beautiful day!
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tcamper said...

isn't it great to see old friends! i'm glad you got to see the city too. i need to sit down with my paperwork and bills and see where you guys are and get that check written. when you get back i'll trade you some vinegar mother culture for some kefir culture! i've always wanted to try it (in my spare time of course!)