Sunday, February 17, 2008

Grandpa and Gigi visit from Texas!

We had a wonderful visit from Grandpa Tom and Gigi Linda from South Texas last weekend. We were all under the impression it would rain for their entire visit, so we were pleasantly surprised that the weather was actually nice. We did all of the fun things you do when family visits Humboldt including a trip to Ferndale, dinner at APD and Arts Arcata, chased the pigeons at Old Town Gazebo, a hike around Trinidad Head and clam chowder at the eatery (the best in the world), and of course, dinner with the Manka's. Gigi is a reading specialist and a kid-song-singer extaordinaire and Grandpa enjoys walks and talking about tractors....all things that Riley loves. We thoroughly loved their visit and look forward to getting out to the farm in Texas sometime soon.

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