Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Clam Beach Run

Tom and Chris ran the Clam Beach run together in Trinidad a few weekends ago. It turned out to be a not-so-nice day for running...it rained something between kittens and cats and then later it turned to dogs. The only nice thing is that four miles into the almost six mile run you have to cross a river. And well...if you're going to get wet anyway, it's just part of it. The last two miles are on the beach. Every year the HSU Marching Lumberjacks march right into the frigid ocean while playing music. We didn't stay for this notorious event, or else I would post a photo. Attached are before and after photos.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Grandpa and Gigi visit from Texas!

We had a wonderful visit from Grandpa Tom and Gigi Linda from South Texas last weekend. We were all under the impression it would rain for their entire visit, so we were pleasantly surprised that the weather was actually nice. We did all of the fun things you do when family visits Humboldt including a trip to Ferndale, dinner at APD and Arts Arcata, chased the pigeons at Old Town Gazebo, a hike around Trinidad Head and clam chowder at the eatery (the best in the world), and of course, dinner with the Manka's. Gigi is a reading specialist and a kid-song-singer extaordinaire and Grandpa enjoys walks and talking about tractors....all things that Riley loves. We thoroughly loved their visit and look forward to getting out to the farm in Texas sometime soon.

Riley's New Bed

Okay, we finally made the switch from a crib to a twin bed for mr. riley dean. The bed actually has a cool story to it too. We used to live in Fieldbrook in a house owned by the Manka family. Riley was born in that house in 2005. When we moved in we cleaned out the house and found a twin bed frame that we did not need so we passed it on to some friends to use for a time. While camping in Crescent City last July with the Dicks, we were driving around looking for surf and on our way through town I saw a garage sale and spotted an old twin bed. I have this thing for older, used furniture that I can paint and make it look even older and more used. I know, it is weird to some. I asked Tom to stop so I could look at the bed and Adam said, "hey, if you want that bed from your old house, it is in my attic. Come and get it." It was the perfect solution: Adam didn't have to store it anymore, I got to paint something old, Riley got a bed from his birth place, and Tom didn't have to endure another garage sale. We bought a new mattress for it, found adorable ABC bedding and wah-la...Riley's room is transformed. He likes it too...truth be known, we all like it. This way we can snuggle with the little monkey when we want. In fact, the other day Tom put Riley down for his nap and never came out. I peeked in the room about 30 minutes later and I found them both snoring away. Oh, it was so cute. I wish I had taken a picture.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Okay, I'm confused

I know, I know, I've needed to update our blog. But would you take me seriously if I told you that I was trying and trying and never figured out how to? Right now, it's late and I couldn't sleep. I thought I would give it another go and attempt to update the blog. Then I poked some button, which put me through the steps of creating a new blog (here I thought I was just creating a new post). So, unfortunately, I think everything I had added in the past is now gone. Is there anyone out there who can help me? Once I figure this thing out, watch out, because I'm determined to update often.